Lucy Suggate

Lucy Suggate: COSMIC SCULPTURES - Moving towards the ecstatic

The body is an articulation of complexity and grace, a 3 -dimensional model that can fold, construct, collapse, manipulate and re vision the future. We are Dancing in the shadow of our own humanity balanced precariously between advancement and disaster- the only way to respond is to move, move together like swarms to transcend, transform and rebuild the dancing body.

Using the infectious nature of the beat, the ancient and enduring relationship between Dance and Music and the transformative qualities of both. COSMIC SCULPTURES interweaves primal, dreamlike, physical and digital surfaces to expand the perceptions and actions of the doer and the spectator. Raising answers to the questions what are we watching for and why do we do?

Performers: Aaron Jeffrey, Amy Longmuir, Carolina Ravaioli, Deborah Marshall, Jack Webb, Maarja Tõnisson, Mark Bleakley, Philip Alexander

Guest Curator: Rosanna Irvine

Rosanna Irvine is a choreographer and researcher. Her work is conceptually orientated, encompasses dance and visual art contexts, and operates across performance, installation, digital media and writing – including the writing of choreographic scores. Recent work, which includes work in collaboration with choreographer Katrina Brown, has been performed in theatre, gallery and public spaces including Drake Shopping Centre Plymouth, Backlit Gallery Nottingham, Het Veem Theatre Amsterdam, Nightingale Theatre Brighton, KARST Gallery Plymouth, Konteksty 2015 International Festival of Ephemeral Art, Sokolovsko Poland. In 2015, while research artist at Dance4, she completed her PhD addressing Dance4’s Nottdance Festival archive and its programming of European conceptual dance.

Works Programmed:

Artémise Ploegaerts,  In the process of
Dana MacPherson, Drifted
Julie Cunningham, a work inspired by Merce Cunnigham's Doubles

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Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council