Pirita Tuisku

Pirita Tuisku
Image by Juna Sihto

My name is Pirita Tuisku, I am a dance artist and cultural entrepreneur in Oulu, Finland. I am involved in a lot of productions and choreography for my dance school students and recently produced a professional work - Celebrity.

At the moment, I am working on a new production called Drown. It is about dealing with loss and the changing world around us and how these things change us all as human beings. Different sections of the production are being researched in different locations, and I think it is important to take part in as many work-in-progress showings as possible – I have already performed two: one as part of a competition and the other at Jojo’s pomppulauta platform.

I am currently in the middle of the research process and I have already been investigating how our body changes affect us and how we feel. During my residency at Dance Base I will explore what happens when people we know change into people we don’t know and how this change affects the people around them. As part of the research process, I will conduct interviews (comprising three questions) with willing participants, and I will also reflect on my own feelings about interacting with strangers, culminating in a showing at the end of the week.

Pirita´s workshops | Thu 11 & 18 June 10.00 - 11.30
Contemporary dance focusing on the dancer’s relationship with the floor. Movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the center and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centered state. David Zambranos Flying low technique has a big influence on this workshop but also other dance style like breakdance and street style how they use the floor. But the main thing is energy different levels in the floor works. This workshop will also encourage everyone to find themselves new aspects for their own floor work.

Company Showing | Fri 19 June | 17.00 


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