Ian Spink

Ian Spink

Exchange Spring 2015

Dance Base in Edinburgh and Danserhallerne in Copenhagen are bound by a shared mission to make space for movement to take shape, and for the pathways between Scotland and Denmark to have creative value for artists who dig deep into how the body communicates. In the first of many Nordic / Scottish exchange residencies, both houses are delighted to begin this evolving journey by introducing Ian Spink and Airfield to Denmark. 

Ian Spink is exploring an idea – the effects of putting three famous (and idiosyncratic) composers together in the same room. They had a profound effect on dance makers from the moment their sounds were unleashed.

The composers never met, but are connected by their music, vision and remarkable bloody individuality. 
They are: 

John Cage - Merce Cunningham's lover, mushroom collector, proponent of chance structures im music, great cook
Hildegarde von Bingen - visionary 10th-century Abbess, composed and healer in Germany
Monndog - blind musician, composer. Wearing horned headgear and creating his own instruments, he chose to spend hi time sleeping and performing in the streets of NYC. 

Hilda was a great herbalist, creating manuscripts about her visions. She devised a 'secret language' for use in her convent. Some theories have her visions related to attacks of migraine. Moondog was blind and thought he should be a Viking (he probably was). He ws eventually rescued and taken to Germany. Hilda gave lectures around Germany. John Cage discovered a way to subvert contemporary dance and music which would send it into orbit for 30 years, in the same way perhaps that quantum/string theory was able to mess with our sense of time and place. 

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