Colette Sadler

Bora Bora residency - NordDance 2016

NordDance 2016 – International Residency

We continue looking upwards and outwards with another NordDance exchange residency. This one refocuses the northern lights of Colette Sadler, as she and her company enjoy the atmosphere of the happiest country in the world.

Our relationship with Bora Bora was further grown during the Fringe festival this year as a Bora Bora production (MiS - All Night Long by Don Gnu) debuted here, bringing five-star reviews to the house. We also look forward to the next great Aerowaves Spring Forward festival, also in Bora Bora next Spring. It’s clearly the place to be, and we are there!

Residency Monday 7 – Thursday 17 November 2016
Bora Bora, Aarhus, Denmark  
Learning From The Future: a new dance work by Colette Sadler. 

The departure point for my new creation was an image I had of my name inscribed on a grave stone. This somewhat morbid reflection on my own absence initiated the premise for the upcoming piece - a fictionalised non-place beyond the material realm, where the limitations of bodily subjectivity cease to exist. The idea of death here is taken as a potential means to speculate on an inconceivable immaterial reality beyond the body.  How can one use the representational apparatus of theatre and dance to present phenomena more abstract than the human body itself? 

This choreographic work places 'Body A', a futuristic female prototype, alongside a sculptural relic and a monolithic oracle. In this science-fiction/fact setting we explore the possibilities of transgressing our perceptual time and space boundaries, in an environment where accelerating flows of information and encoded data challenge physical reality itself. Movement is used to amplify the primitive power of bodies against the background of their dematerialisation and disappearance.

Learning From The Future research and development has been made possible with funding from Creative Scotland with support from Tanz Haus Zurich and Tanz Fabrik Berlin.

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