Beauty Of The Beast

Company Chameleon

Plan B for Utopia

Joan Clevillé Dance

Falling in Love with Frida

Caroline Bowditch


Fishamble: The New Play Company

Nijinsky's Last Jump

Company Chordelia


Al Seed

Heads Up

Special Edition 2015

Scottish Ballet Dancers

Between Us & Hunting Dust

E MOTION + / Tamsyn Russell

Boys Who Like to Play With Dolls

Tereza Ondrová and Peter Šavel, ALT@RT

Pact with Pointlessness

Wendy Houstoun

Under Flat Sky / Edge of Nowhere

Billy Cowie

Ponies Don't Play Football


An Invitation...

Jo Fong


Light, Ladd and Emberton

Hey, I'm Alive!

Creative Electric

Joan of Arc 603

Yvonne Buskie, Christine Devaney and Luke Sutherland

Taiwan Season: Gaze of the Kavaluan

Tjimur Dance Theatre

Give Me a Reason to Live

Claire Cunningham

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