Some Dos, Don'ts and Possibly Maybes when approaching festival promoters, with Morag Deyes, Artistic Director


Friday 30 March | 14.00-15.30 | Free

As with many such sessions, this will be a largely subjective viewpoint but it is also the information gathered by a dance curator with over 20 years’ experience, and it could be useful to your future wranglings with curators and dance festival directors.

There may be some surprising insights for you in this workshop, relating to the inner workings of the curatorial mind. Also included will be a guide to the practical and the ephemeral considerations when punting your work.

If you enjoy making a list, Morag promises to deliver the top five things to remember when promoting your show. And if you don't like a list then we will find a different shape, but you will not leave empty handed.

To join, please email by 11.00 on Friday 23 March.

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