Presenting and Promoting Dance: Free Workshop and Discussion with John Lyndon

John Lyndon

Presenting and Promoting Dance

Workshop and Discussion with John Lyndon

Tue 2 May I 11.00 – 13.00 I Free

The first in an occasional series of free workshops and discussion groups for anyone working in dance or the arts, led by members of the Dance Base team, or by friends and colleagues from other parts of the dance sector.

Dance Base Marketing & Communications Manager, John Lyndon will lead an informal discussion of how to make the most of online and print promotion opportunities, offering the perspective of a venue marketing department on how best to choose images and write copy for different contexts.

The session will try to answer these questions:

• What kind of image works best for promoting dance? Why might a dancer, a photographer, and a marketing professional come to very different answers to that question?

• What’s in a name? Why does the title of a piece matter? What are the pitfalls of making it too complicated (or too simple)?

• When you write copy for your work, who are you writing it for? What are you telling them? What do they actually need to know?

The last question will lead into some basic copywriting exercises, intended to simplify the process of writing about your work and to give your copy a sharper focus in addressing different target audiences.

To join this workshop, please email by 17.00 on Friday 28 April.


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