Practical To Do List Skill Share Session with Matt Roe, General Manager

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Are there items on your to do list that never seem to get done? Are these items uninspiring, unfamiliar and administration heavy? Do they include policy, insurance, invoicing, HR, Risk Assessment paperwork?

Free up your mind and workload to allow yourself to concentrate fully on the artistic side of your role as a professional artist!

During this practical class, Matt Roe (Dance Base General Manager), will skill share with the group to get these administration tasks off your plate…during the session.  After the session there will be no additional work or any tasks to be done, this is designed to free up your workload. 

If you are interested please email and your details will be added a doodle poll for majority availability.  You will need your laptop and your To Do List. This session will be held in February/March 2018.

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