A Tribute to Anna Krzystek

Anna Krzystek

We are saddened to hear the news of Anna Krzystek's passing, Creative Scotland’s Interdisciplinary Performance Officer and a world-renowned choreographer and dance artist, who died in a tragic accident on Friday 24 November 2017.

Paying tribute, Artistic Director Morag Deyes said:

'This dance community of Scotland has lost such a great artist and one with such a powerful and riveting presence, it is almost inconceivable that she is no longer with us.

Her work was equally as beautiful as it was uncompromising and although the word unique gets used in the arts a great deal, Anna Krzystek went beyond that and into true genius.

The last time her work was public was as an extraordinary installation 'Untitled #0.5 - Who, What and Where is Anna?' at Dance International Glasgow earlier this year. The absence of her presence in part of the tryptich of the screening, was of her empty home. It is even more unbearably potent now. 

Dance Base sends condolences to friends and family of Anna's, and we echo our colleagues in that we will, as a community, uphold one another. We must and we will.'

A further tribute can be found on Creative Scotland's website, whereby funeral details will be made available.

Photo Credit: Anna Krzystek

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