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Jack Webb Quartet

Jack is an Edinburgh-based dancer, choreographer, teacher, performance maker and director. His work is strongly rooted in dance, improvisation and crosses over in to performance art. It is concerned with exploring the transformation and the deconstruction of the body; states of consciousness; heightened emotional states; the distortion of the body, objects, costume and surroundings. It is often influenced by the goings on in nature, human and animal behaviour and the similarities between the two, as well as zooming in on and confronting inner emotional and mental landscapes of both the performer and the audience.
Catalyst worked with Jack and his collaborator Rosalind Masson to produce Quartet (2013/14)
This unique collaboration was a meeting of minds and practices born from a serendipitous encounter. The work was conceived and mentored by Daniel Squire, performer, teacher, curator and former dancer with Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

'Stylistically, they are chalk and cheese: Masson is given to thoughtful pre-occupations about patterning, with a vocabulary of slow, extended stretches, while Webb’s current phase is spikey and sparky with the contorted angularities that his own body crumples and coils into with alarming spontaneity.' Mary Brennan, The Herald

Quartet was a Tramway co-production, funded by Creative Scotland and supported by Glasgow Life, Wire Media, The Work Room (Glasgow), Dance Base (Edinburgh) and LaborGras (Berlin). We presented Quartet at Tramway (Glasgow), Festival Theatre Studio (Edinburgh), Dock 11 (Berlin), March Moves (Aberdeen) and at Roehampton University as a performance lecture.
Catalyst continues to support Jack’s work and practice in an advisory capacity.

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