Curious Seed

Christine Devaney

Award-winning performance company, Curious Seed, was formed in 2005 by Scottish choreographer and Artistic Director, Christine Devaney.
Curious Seed's vision is to create engaging, thought-provoking, uncompromising performance work with physical expression at its core. The company is committed to exploring new ways of challenging and developing the scope of movement-based performance. There is an emphasis on engaging in a process that evolves and is appropriate to each project. Curious Seed has a history of collaborating with a core of outstanding artists across the arts - musicians, actors, dancers, designers and filmmakers.
Curious Seed aspires to produce work that will bring something new to the existing portfolio of dance in Scotland.
Catalyst has worked with Curious Seed since 2009, producing all of the company’s work since then, including the award-winning Found (2009) and the acclaimed touring production Chalk About (2013). 

About the Director
Glasgow-born Christine Devaney trained at London Contemporary Dance School and has been performing, choreographing and teaching throughout her extensive career. She was a founding member of Dundee Rep Dance Company (now Scottish Dance Theatre) and for 9 years performed and was associate director with V-tol Dance Company. Her work spans dance and theatre; companies she has worked with include Frantic Assembly, The Kosh, Quarantine, Plan B, Yolander Snaith Theatre Dance, the Unicorn, Quarantine, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Lung Ha’s Theatre Company and the National Theatre of Scotland. In 2005 Christine Devaney forms her own company - Curious Seed. Its vision is to create engaging, thought provoking, uncompromising performance work with physical expression at its core. Christine is currently an Associate Artist with Imaginate.

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Chalk About 
Chalk about poster featuring 2 adult playing with chalk and blackboardChalk About is a playful, funny and sometimes moving look at how we see ourselves and others, featuring dance, chat and one perfect scene containing everything you could wish for … Join Christine and Hendrik on their journey as they ask some BIG questions about identity and the meaning of life. What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? Is it the way we dance? Our pasts or our futures? And, most importantly, doesn’t everyone like pizza?

A Curious Seed production of Chalk About, originally created by Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees (Performing Group, DE). Commissioned by Imaginate.
Suitable for ages 8+
Duration: 50 minutes

'Some of the most brilliantly imaginative, humorous, touching theatre I have seen this year' -- The Times
'Chalk About is the most beautiful, surprising and heart hugging show. Congrats to one and all. Gorgeous honest performances' -- Audience Member, Fringe 2014


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