Mature Dancers Projects

Seated Swing

As part of our strand of work for older dancers, we have had the pleasure of working with City of Edinburgh Council day centres in Oaklands, North Merchiston, Morlich House, View Point Housing and Morlich House.
As result of our work, we've seen increase in the quality of physical health and an improved sense of wellbeing. This inclusive set of sessions for people of all abilities provides opportunities to socialise with other like-minded individuals from the community, and it has been proved that regular dancing helps older people to maintain and improve their balance, reducing the risk of falls. 

MECOPP (Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People Project)

A wonderful programme of work at Gillespie Crescent day centre with a fantastic and energetic elderly group from our Chinese Community.
The group numbered 25 on average and began with a gentle warm up, with fun interaction, followed by a mix of dance styles including the Scottish Ballet’s Big Dance Pledge


Led by the RAD at Dance Base and in Midlothian, these fantastic workshops for the over 60s were a huge success, and we hope to be bringing them back. We have an extensive programme for the over 60s at Dance Base, including ballet, jazz, contemporary and latin. Click the classes page to find out more.

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