Dance Base December Showcase Call Out

Audiences in studio four

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Dance Base since it took up residence in the Grassmarket and to celebrate we are hosting a December showcase of live work!  This three day event will act as a platform to celebrate and recognise the history of the building and support artists ambitions for the future. To create the unique event Dance Base is now looking for artists to perform as part of the showcase programme, and celebrate these 20 years alongside us.

Since opening its doors in the Grassmarket, two decades ago, Dance Base has taken great pride in supporting and working with a diverse range of artists from across Scotland and indeed the rest of the world. During this time, these artists have taught, performed and developed their work in the building. Whilst Dance Base has been able to support the development and delivery of performance work by Scottish artists in other contexts in response to the pandemic, we have greatly missed being able to present live performance inside the building.

Now, with funding from the second round of the Performing Arts Relief Fund, we are able to support a programme of live performance on stage in Dance Base which will take place from the 13 – 19 December 2021. Up to four artists or companies will be commissioned to complete or revive work that celebrates the breadth of dance in Scotland. The December showcase will be a unique opportunity to invite and reconnect our audiences to live dance in our home and to celebrate the work of artists, companies and participants who are a part of Dance Base's history and future.


We invite ideas that:

  • Demonstrate a clear connection with Dance Base. This could be work that has been performed in the building, developed in a previous residency or supported through other means, including projects supported through the first round of the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund which were not able to be delivered in person as planned. This is not a fund that supports the creation of new work but rather existing work or work in development that can be performed live on stage
  • Have a duration of around 15 – 25 mins
  • Have light to moderate technical requirements
  • Can be presented in Dance Base Studio 1


This opportunity is for artists who:

  • See their work as based in physical or choreographic practices and are working at a professional level
  • Are predominantly based in Scotland (this applies to the lead artists - you can welcome collaborators from outside of Scotland) 
  • Can demonstrate the ability to execute work efficiently and effectively
  • Are flexible and adaptable – the current performing landscape contains a lot of unknowns which artists will need to be able to respond to
  • Can comfortably deliver their proposal within the allotted timeframe
  • Currently feel comfortable to deliver performance live and indoors and adhere to Covid guidelines and safe practices as required.


Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Artists: 

Dance Base recognise that there are significant barriers to working in the dance sector and that these challenges are experienced more acutely by those facing marginalisation and deep-rooted systemic injustice. This includes people with protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010 across age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation alongside those with chronic illness, neurodiversity, parental/caring responsibilities, experience of the immigration system and people from working-class and criminal-class backgrounds.

We are committed to increasing the diversity of artists working in our sector and especially welcome applications from those who identify as having characteristics currently under-represented in our sector.

As part of our on-going commitment to support artists who have this lived experience and ensuring that we support the full vibrancy of the dance sector in Scotland, we guarantee that at least one of award will be made to a lead artist who identifies as a member of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities. This is a minimum but not a limit.   

Artists are invited to identify if they are part of these communities on the Cover Sheet and this will be brought into the decision panel making as the awards are allocated. 


Dance Base will provide:

  • An artist fee (see below)
  • A minimum of one live performance at Dance Base between the 13 – 19 December in the black box theatre space of Studio 1.
  • 1-2 weeks of studio space at Dance Base to rehearse in November / December, as agreed with the Dance Base team
  • Producing and administrative support from the Programmes Manager and Assistant Producer, including regular check in meetings (as required)
  • Technical support from a theatre technician to present the work, and support its delivery
  • Artistic mentoring from the Artistic Director (as required)
  • Accommodation in Edinburgh for those artists based in other parts of Scotland
  • Travel expenses where required
  • An additional access fund to support any requirements that the artist may have

If travel to Edinburgh for rehearsals is prohibitive Dance Base can support with venue hire costs at a local studio space.


The Budget: 

Dance Base have a total budget of £17,000 which we anticipate will support 4 projects with an average budget of £4250, though we do welcome smaller and larger budgets, with consideration of the total available.

Dance Base commit to providing the full funding that each artist requires to deliver their project and to pay themselves and their collaborators fairly. Applicants are asked to complete the Sample Budget detailing their required artist fees and any production costs and submit this with their application. Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered by Dance Base seperately and do not need to be listed in your budget.

Our producing team are on hand to support applicants who have questions about creating a budget, please contact  

When creating your budget, we ask you to ensure that your payment rates abide by fair pay standards as laid out by the ITC as a minimum.


Budget to Support Access Requirements:

Dance Base are committed to ensuring that all artists can access this commission and we have a separate budget to support access requirements for artists and their collaborators to deliver their projects as required.

Any associated costs or adjustments will be discussed with the successful applicant(s) after the decision to fund is made and the costs of this do not need to be accounted for in your budget.

 Applicants who wish to make us aware of any needs in advance are welcome to notify Kirsty Somerville, Programmes Manager, or include details in their application. This is not a requirement as it will have no bearing on the decision outcome.

If you have any question or would like to discuss this further please contact Kirsty at


How to apply:

To apply applicants will be invited to complete and submit the Application Form and provide the following: 

  • An Expression of Interest outlining your performance idea and the anticipated rehearsal and technical requirements.
  • This should be either as a video/audio recording of no more than 6 minutes or in a written format of no more than 800 words. Visual quality, camera and editing skills will not be taken into consideration for filmed submissions and spelling and grammar will not form part of the consideration of written applications. 
  • link to more information about your practice: This could be a CV, personal statement or a link to your website.  
  • A Project Budget: The budget should detail the fees that you require to deliver your project
  • A Cover Sheet:  This asks for your contact information, which will be removed from your application by our producing team prior to sending it to the decision-making panel.
  • A completed Equality Diversity, and Inclusion monitoring form, if you feel comfortable to do so.

Please send these documents to Kirsty Somerville, Programmes Manager, on 

Deadline: Wednesday 29th September, 11.00

Panel meet: Monday 4th October

Artists Informed: Thursday 7th October


Judging Criteria:

The selection panel will be comprised of Tony Mills (Artistic Director at Dance Base Scotland) and three members of the Dance Base Artist Advisory Group.

The panel will base their decision on a range of factors including:

  • The information provided in the expression of interest, reflecting on the strength of the proposal and the viability of its delivery in the time available
  • The diversity of voices represented through the showcase
  • The distribution of opportunities across the sector


Should you wish to have a conversation about the application process, require this information in an alternative format, or have access requirements we need to meet to support you in making an application please contact: Kirsty Somerville, Programmes Manager at Dance Base on 


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