Oceanallover – ECDYSIS (IN VIVO) 


Cast | Laini Chrismas; Jen Cunningham; Aaron Jeffrey; Philip Alexander Macdonald; Suzi Cunningham; Anders Rigg; Breezy Lee Elthalion; Sgt Pokes & Alex Rigg 

Music Producers | Mako, Pinch, N-Type, Silkie, Franck Alba, Lost, Pinch & Revorg Records.  

Vocals | Breezy Lee Elthalion & Sgt Pokes 

Crew | Anders Rigg 

Design, Costume & Direction | Alex Rigg 

Words | Sgt Pokes & Alex Rigg 


The project is supported by Creative Scotland, Dance Base & DG Unlimited. 

The choreography is devised in collaboration with the cast. 

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council