Artist Callout: Time to Respond

Artist Callout: Time to Respond
Image Credit : Katherina Radeva
Dance Base Scotland are delighted to announce that we are commissioning Two Destination Language to curate a programme of work to be presented at Dance Base during the week of the 15th-20th February 2021. The Artist Curator opportunity is one of the many and varied artists commissions Dance Base Scotland has been proud to initiate thanks to support from the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland via the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund.
Two Destination Language will work with the Dance Base team to curate a week of creative activity in the building that will reanimate the studios, reconnect artists and audiences and provide opportunities for artists to create together again. All artists will be selected via an open call process.
Find out more about Two Destination Language here.

Artist Callout: time to respond

In these unprecedented times, you may feel the need to breathe, find stillness, concentrate on the invisible movements inside yourself and take time for ripples to appear on the surface. Or you may feel that this is time for a party at the end of something and the beginning of something else.

You may be wondering where your practice should go next: building on what you have done before, or turning in new directions.

time to respond is an invitation to play, experiment, develop.

  • An invitation to work in, with, or through the Dance Base building.
  • An invitation to share with audiences.
  • An invitation to spend time among other artists.
  • An invitation for sharing space to spark creativity.
  • An invitation to be part of a community.
  • An invitation to dialogue between artists, audiences and site.

For a week in February (15th-20th) 2021, the Dance Base building will be a site for artists to do all these things. We’d love to hear your ideas around the theme of response, for work which will (in some way) have a public output during the week.

The week will have a communal vibe: sharing time, conversation and food are as much a part of the experience as focus on process, sharing and making.

We are looking for bold, innovative, experimental, low-fi, DIY, playful ideas which engage with the theme of response. Selected ideas will receive a budget of £600 - £1,500 (the application form requires an outline of your request and what it will be spent on).


Ideas should:

  • Relate to the theme of response, which can be interpreted however you wish
  • Have at their core an interest in movement. We are equally interested to hear from artists whose practice does not take the form of dance - live artists, photographers,   interdisciplinary performance makers - as well as from those whose work has always been movement-based.
  • Contain opportunities for public engagement during the week. This could be a work-in-progress or test sharing, one or more online sharings, writing, images… (These may include opportunities for you to respond to audiences physically or in any other medium, if appropriate.) We expect some proposals to include admitting a small audience to the building, some to involve live-casting, and some to have a playful approach to engaging a public who may be sharing a space or may be on the other side of the planet
  • Engage with the Dance Base building in some way, even if you are not able to be physically present there. This virtual tour may help you think about playful approaches to a presence in the building.
  • Be adaptable to changing restrictions, so that you would be able to share your work without a live audience in the building
  • Be adaptable to changing restrictions, so that you would be able to work on your proposal even if it is not possible for you to enter the building
  • Come from artists based in Scotland (not RFOs)
  • Have relatively simple technical requirements.


Ideas should not:

  • Be the straightforward performance of an existing work


How to Apply

Proposals can be submitted using this form; if another method is more suitable, please use the form as a guide to the questions we need answered and send your response to

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday 16 December at 17:00, but there’s no need to wait until then.

The week will be curated by Two Destination Language’s Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie, with suuport from Bush Hartshorn, Head of Catalyst at Dance Base Scotland.


If you have any questions please contact

We will be unable to respond to any questions received after 5pm on Monday 14th December.

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