Skillz 'n' Billz

Skillz 'n' Billz

Time: Sunday 26 May | 13:00 – 18:00 

Tickets: Participants £5 | Spectators £10 


Have you got the Skillz to pay the Billz? 

Join us this May as we bring Breakin’ back to  Dance Base with the Skillz ‘n’ Billz Breakin’ competition, hosted by Lee Crosby, aka DunLee!  

Each battle will be judged by a panel of leading Breakers from across the UK and Europe: we’re welcoming B-Boy Mouse, B-Boy O-leg and Presto to the house, alongside DJ Ian Forbes, aka Fubby, who will be providing the music throughout the day. 


Skillz ‘N’ Billz will feature: 

  • Cypher qualifications 
  • A top 16  
  • A top 8  
  • A final battle  

Breakers from across the UK and beyond are invited to sign-up for the daylong battle. The winner will walk away with £300 as well as the title of the first Skillz ‘n’ Billz champion! 

Want to compete?  Secure your spot in the battle now via the link below by choosing a Participant ticket.!  If you’d rather be cheering from the side, book a Spectator ticket instead!  

Competitors must be 14+, and have some experience. 

Schedule for the day:

13:00 – 13:30 | Registration
13:30 – 14:30 | Cypher Qualification
14:30 – 14:50 | Break
14:50 – 16:00 | Top 16
16:00 – 16:15 | Break
16:15 – 17:00 | Top 8
17:00 – 17:30 | Semi Final
17:30 – 17:40 | Break
17:40 – 18:00 | Final


The Levels Workshop with B-Boy Mouse

Time: Sunday 26 May | 10:00 – 12:00 

Tickets: £15 Standard Price | £12 Concession


Want even more Breakin’? Join judge and World Champion Breaker, B-Boy Mouse for The Levels workshop!

To celebrate Skillz ‘n’ Billz, we’re starting the morning with The Levels, a workshop for everyone from Beginners to Pro Breakers. With the focus placed on levelling up your understanding of Breakin’, you’ll be able to benefit from B-Boy Mouse’s 28 years of industry experience as he shares his concepts and methods to let you build your own Breakin’ style.

The 2-hour workshop will cover:

  • Drills
  • Speed Changes
  • Level Changes
  • 6-step Concept
  • Adding control and texture to basic dance steps

Places are limited – book now or miss out!


Not Giving In Presentation with B-Boy Mouse

Time: Sunday 26 May | 12:00 – 12:30 

Join B-Boy Mouse after The Levels Workshop as he explores Hip Hop Culture as a medium in developing resilience and positive life choices.

During the presentation Mouse will show the music video for Not Giving In by the band, Rudimental. The video is set in the unforgiving streets of Manila, Philippines and depicts the life story of 3 times breakin’ world champion, B-Boy Mouse, capturing the story of Mouse’s rise to fame in parallel to his brother’s fall into gang culture.

This presentation is a unique opportunity to hear from Mouse about his own journey and will be followed by a Q&A. No need to book in advance, just come along and join us in the Meeting Room.

Meet your Host: 

B-Boy DunLee

Lee Crosby, aka DunLee hails from the fine City of Discovery, Dundee! Some would say he is like a fine wine, other would say vintage, ask DunLee himself though and he simply says, auld!   

Co-Founder of B-Bairns Crew and member of Scotland’s legendary crew, the Flying Jalapeños. Founder and host of events such as On The Level, Spin 2 Sin and Scotland’s City Sessions. Regardless of whether he is hosting jams and battles or mopping the sweat off the floor, you will always find him in the cyphers! A host who always brings the fun atmosphere, a good sense of humour and that all important good vibes! His vision is simply to create an event where everyone is recognised for their value and their worth!  

DunLee is looking forward to welcoming you to Skillz ‘N’ Billz! 

Meet the Judges: 

B-Boy Mouse

Ereson Catipon AKA Mouse is the 2006 World B-Boy Champion having won the tough solo battle at the UK B-Boy Championships World Finals held at Brixton Academy. He was also a runner up in the 2008 finals, losing out narrowly at the last hurdle. Known for his smooth and funky style, Ereson ‘Mouse’ Catipon began bboying when he moved to England from the Philippines in 1996. Mouse is an original member of the highly acclaimed Funkstylerz UK dance company and B-Boy Allstars. He is also part of the theatre show ‘Life of a Bboy’ which he co-wrote and choreographed with Funkstylerz UK. In 2016, Mouse started Kapayapaan Project with the vision to uplift the lives of street children by providing free weekend schooling and breakdance lessons as a way to reinforce positive movement in slum areas within Metro Manila.   


Facebook: @BboyMouse01

Instagram: @m0usehouse  

B-Boy O-leg

Oleg Kiricenko aka B-Boy O-Leg originally form Latvia but after more then 10 years living in Scotland became a British citizen. At the moment he is based outside of Paris in the place called Amiens! Oleg is a professional dancer/choreographer and active Bboy in the Hip-Hop culture. Proudly representing B-Bairns crew and Flying Jalapeños crew in the Breakin’ events in France and Europe. BBoy O-Leg has recently taken the wins in a various battles across the French capital, Paris.  


Instagram: Olegkiricenko


Jason aka Presto has have been practicing breaking since he was 10 years old and is a member of The Heavy Smokers crew, which was formed in 2006. The crew consists of breakers from various parts of the world, such as the UK, Paris, and Singapore and Presto is honoured to be part of it.

Breaking is not just a hobby for Presto, it’s a way of life that has allowed him to travel and meet people from different cultures. Presto’s favourite aspect of breaking is the ability to immerse himself within the music and execute all aspects of the dance while also enjoying the discipline it requires.

Instagram: @jason_breakart

DJ Fubby

Ian Forbes aka DJ Fubby has been spinning records since the early 90s, mostly in Dundee, with nights at the now closed Reading Rooms and The Art Bar. 

Playing mainly Hip Hop with a bit of Funk and Soul DJ Fubby has played at nights like Plastic Soul and Boomin’ System at the Reading Rooms while also doing warm up for acts such as A Skills, DJ Vadim, Ugly Duckling, Fingathing and DJ Moneyshot (The Allergies). 

Alongside this DJ Fubby had a monthly night at The Art Bar with 3 other DJs as Beat Club which ran from 2012 until 2020. He also has an HND in Audio Engineering from Perth College which led to building a full Pro Tools studio in his hometown of Arbroath 

Soundcloud: Fubby