Buff and Sheen

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Photo Credit : Carlos Hernan


Buff and Sheen aka Suzi Cunningham and Alex McCabe, are our local friendly window clowners. 

They have been working with the support of Dance Base, Imaginate Children’s Festival, Creative Scotland, and the original support of The Work Room to bring joy to those who most need it during the pandemic.

Buff and Sheen is a roaming comical dance show about cleaning and connection. A performance viewed through a window, it explores how we can touch without touching. The show reaches people in a very up-close and physical way, without breaching social distancing by allowing the intimate power of dance, expression, and music to permeate a glass barrier - which Suzi and Alex clean in the process!

Over this last year they have performed to care homes, day care centres, nurseries, families, and sheltered homes through ongoing lockdowns and restrictions, finding a safe way to connect with audiences through 'garden show' visits.

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