Fringe Fragments

Fringe Fragments

Dance Base Festival 2024 in partnership with Assembly is proud to present FRINGE FRAGMENTS on the 19th & 20th Aug 2024.

Fringe Fragments is a new industry pitching platform, open to audiences, showcasing 15 min excerpts of tour ready performances, each with a 5 min artist talk. This year we are collaborating with Art Circulation (Canada), Nordberg Movement (Sweden), The Place (UK) and Here & Now (UK), with support from Arts Council England, Fabric, Battersea Arts Centre, GIFT, the Swedish Embassy in the United Kingdom, Kulturrådet/Swedish Arts Council and Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. We look forward to presenting a programme of work designed to give you fresh insights on UK and International dance. Artists include:

And So We’re Gone by Björn Säfsten (Sweden)

Waterkind by Land Before Time (Sweden)

Dandyism by Ziza Patrick (UK)

Inscribed in “Me” by Alethia Antonia (UK)

Mystic Informatic by Audrée Juteau, Zoey N. Gauld, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus & Ellen Furey/Marilyne St-Sauveur (Canada)

Radiomaton by Marie Béland & Simon Laroche with co-production of Montreal Danse (Canada) – *please note this piece is an installation readily available to the public and industry from 18th – 21st Aug 2024 in Dance Base. Exact times to be confirmed.

A mixed bill of live performance will take place at Studio 1, Dance Base.

Programme 1. 19th Aug, 1200 – 1300

  • And So We’re Gone, Mystic Informatic and Inscribed in “Me”

Programme 2. 19th Aug, 1700 – 1820

  • And So We’re Gone, Mystic Informatic, Inscribed in “Me” and Dandyism

Programme 3. 20th Aug, 1200 – 1300

  • Waterkind, Mystic Informatic and Inscribed in “Me”

Programme 4. 20th Aug, 1720 – 1820

  • Waterkind, Mystic Informatic and Dandyism

Industry guests will get a further chance to get to know the artists and network with a Fringe Fragments reception on the 19th Aug, 18:30 – 20:00. Please help us keep track of the attendance by clicking the registration button below. Please note registration is for industry only. Public attendance is available via the ticket link below.

Alethia Antonia - Inscribed in "Me" (UK)

Choreographed and performed by Alethia Antonia, Inscribed in “Me” is a highly physical and virtuosic solo contemporary dance performance from one of the UK’s most exciting and distinct artists. With a distinct physical prowess, powerful vocals, and captivating music it explores both personal and historical experiences relating to the boundaries of feminine blackness. It is a journey of self-discovery, authorship, and healing in the midst of adversity; a pursuit that leaves audiences moved, impacted, and wanting to know more.

  • Choreographer & Performer: Alethia Antonia
  • Rehearsal Director: Joanne Bernard
  • Executive Producer: Ghislaine Granger
  • Commissioned by: The Place

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Björn Säfsten - And So We're Gone (Sweden)

 Intricate mathematics, existential march, and artificial mundanity are set in motion in choreographer Björn Säfsten’s new work. From intricate patterns of walking, twists, and sudden stops, the work ‘and so we’re gone’ emerges, forming a detailed yet fascinating web of movement. Central to the work lies the relation between the infinite nature of time and our own finite mortality. Who are we, in the midst of it all? 

Presented by Nordeberg Movement with support from the Swedish Embassy in the United Kingdom and Kulturrådet/Swedish Arts Council.

  • Choreography: Björn Säfsten in close collaboration with the dancers.
  • Dancers: Pär Andersson, Philip Berlin, Jade Stenhuijs and Madeleine Lindh
  • Production: Säfsten Production and Nordberg Movement 

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Ziza Patrick - Dandyism (UK)

‘Dandyism’ is a statement of how African cultures have and continue to influence Western cultures. Dandyism dance is inspired by the gentlemen of the Congo (La Sape). The appropriation of the 18th Century French and English Dandy’s flamboyance by African men was a defence and a provocation against slavery, described by some as a resistance movement, which by the 1960’s had become a phenomenon. Through a celebration of individuality and drive for visibility, this piece embodies the raw and unrefined energy and expressive dynamism of various and diverse cultures from the African continent presented through dance and theatre. 

Presented by Here & Now – Performance Created in England. 

  • Choreographer and Lead Artist: Ziza Patrick
  • Dancers: Azula Lerato Mncube, Neema Mwande and Jeremiah Olusola 

More info: hereandnowshowcase (Ziza Patrick)

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Land Before Time - Waterkind (Sweden)

Waterkind explores the interplay and connection between two bodies without direct physical contact. How can we experience the sensation of connection and the mutual understanding of the next movement through improvisation? Both proximity and space are equally essential, with an ongoing focus on vibrations and responsiveness. Individual explosions and outbursts occuring while both performers maintain a close relation to one another. The next movement is strongly dependent on the former. Water is the inspiration to form the flows and currents, combined with freestyle and elements of popping the result is a specific material contained in the work. Duration 30 min adaptable to site-specific venues, both indoor and outdoor. 

Presented by Nordberg Movement with support from the Swedish Embassy in the United Kingdom, Kulturrådet/Swedish Arts Council.

  • Choreography and performance: Joanna Holewa Chrona, Yared Tilahun Cederlund
  • Music: Yared Tilahun Cederlund
  • Vocals: Ntsika Fana Ngxanga

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Radiomaton (Canada)

A total sensory and immersive experience, RADIOMATON questions the construction of truth, media contamination, fake news and the role of the body in the perception of information. Installed in a cubicle resembling a photo booth and equipped with headphones broadcasting live a local radio station, each RADIOMATON user must repeat aloud the words they hear, while imitating the gestures that are displayed on the screen in front of them. This recorded performance, mingling movements and words that do not match together, is remixed in a kaleidoscope where all meanings intersect. 

Presented by Art Circulation with support from Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

  • Created by Marie Béland & Simon Laroche with co-production of Montreal Danse.
  • Performers: Rachel Harris, Sylvain Lafortune, Bernard Martin
  • Dramaturge : Kathy Casey

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Mystic-Informatic premiered at the OFFTA festival in Montreal in 2022. Since winning the Mois Multi award at the premiere, we have performed the work in Québec city, in Gaspésie, in Ville-Marie and in New York city. Mystic-Informatic brings together dance, mycology, and digital technologies. At the root of the work lie our concerns and questions about the meaning of dance in the context of the digital shift, a fascination with the enigmatic world of mushrooms, and a concern for the environment and the waste produced by our techno-capitalist economy.  

Presented by Art Circulation (Canada) with support from Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

  • Creative team and performers: Audrée Juteau, Zoey Gauld, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus, Ellen Furey in collaboration with Marilyne Saint-Sauveur
  • Lights : Karine Gauthier
  • Music : Geneviève Crépeau
  • Scenography : Martin Beauregard 

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