This is not Swan Lake... | Granhøj Dans | 16-21 August

This is not Swan Lake... | Granhøj Dans | 16-21 August

There is a long way from the love story between Prince Siegfried and the swan princess Odette in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, to the real-life marriage between Tchaikovsky and his beleaguered wife, Antonina. She was his devoted student at the Moscow Conservatory of Music and madly in love with him but Tchaikovsky was unable to confess that we was gay so she was left with an eternal longing. In This is not Swan Lake..., we meet four dancers in a beautiful and touching show. Dark, strange, unforgettable and with samples of the great score played live.  
We stand with Ukraine. 

"Get intoxicated and touched by this gem of a penguin dance with the promise of a beautiful piano playing." Århus Stiftstidende 

Part of the #DANISH showcase at Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Age suitability 12+ 
Studio One 

Aug 16-18 20:30 (1h) £16.00 (£14.00/£10.00) 

Aug 19-21 20:30 (1h) £18.00 (£16.00/£10.00) 

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