Shrimp Dance | Paul Michael Henry / Jer Reid / Jamie Wardrop | 5-14 August

Shrimp Dance | Paul Michael Henry / Jer Reid / Jamie Wardrop | 5-14 August

Shrimp Dance is a Butoh dance performance with live music and video art, based on research showing anti-depressants entering the sea through human waste are affecting the behaviour of shrimp. High levels of Prozac cause shrimp to abandon their shadowy habitat and swim towards the light where they’re often eaten. The humans are so sad that the shrimp are going crazy. Shrimp Dance is a meditation on the medicalisation of profound sadness, linking our inner isolation to climate change, eco-anxiety and related crises (waste, ecocide, consumer capitalism and extreme inequality). Your sadness is political. 

**** “This performance is that often rare instance of a multi-disciplinary production that feels organically fused together with a unifying aesthetic... A piece about depression, medication and our effect on the environment, it’s a loud yet nonetheless meditative piece of theatre” The Skinny 
Age suitability 12+  

Studio Three 

Aug 5-7,12-14 20:40 (50m) £15.00 (£13.00/£10.00) 

Aug 9-11 20:40 (50m) £16.00 (£14.00/£10.00) 

Relaxed performance | Aug 9

Please note the performance on 9 August will be offered as a relaxed performance. The performer will introduce themselves and the show at the start, including highlighting when the loud noises and flashing lights appear in the show. This info will also be available on sheets of paper on request.

Signed performance (BSL) | Aug 10

More info on accessible performance here.

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