Nutcrusher | Sung Im Her | 23-28 August

Nutcrusher | Sung Im Her | 23-28 August

Nutcrusher looks at sexual objectification and power by questioning how we relate to our bodies, how they are presented and re-presented, and how cultural context affects this. Sung Im Her is interested in how her three identities of woman, performer and migrant intersect, especially in relation to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. The work is also informed by experiences of being looked at in unnerving and disempowering ways. With Nutcrusher, Sung Im Her draws our attention to the gaze, to how we look at our body and what effect that may have.  

Part of Horizon Showcase. 

Age suitability 12+  

Studio Three 

Aug 23-25 19:10 (1h) £16.00 (£14.00/£10.00) 

Aug 26-28 19:10 (1h) £18.00 (£16.00/£10.00) 

Relaxed performance | all shows

All shows are relaxed and audiences are welcome to make noise, come and go as they please and move around.  

There is no smoke, but haze is included in the show.  

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