Fitry | Faso Danse Théâtre | 5-14 August

Fitry | Faso Danse Théâtre | 5-14 August

A man stands at a crossroads in the reality of his passion between Africa and Europe, trying to stay afloat in a changing world where people are eager to try new things and discover new stars. In Fitry, Serge Aime Coulibaly reflects on his artistic and socio-political commitments and his continuous struggle to keep standing, despite the surprises and trials of life. After creating the solo Fadjiri, Fitry marks a new step in Coulibaly's reflection on the lonely man, responsibilities towards humanity, and reasons for being onstage. The research and creation was done through the body of Jean Koudogbo-Kiki. 

Age suitability 8+ 

Studio One  

Aug 5-7,12-14 20:15 (50m) £18.00 (£16.00/£10.00) 

Aug 9-11 20:15 (50m) £16.00 (£14.00/£10.00) 

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