And | Charlotte Mclean | 16-28 August

And | Charlotte Mclean | 16-28 August

And is a tribute to every living creature on this earth.

To everything. Thank you.

And is a sacrifice to every emotion, even those we are yet to feel.

And is a homage to; the earth, the cosmos, the miniscule, the magic, the meaning, the moment, the moments before and all that's yet to come.

And is to feel, to fail, to experience, to share and to be.

And is then and was. And is here and now.

And is in between and something to believe in. And is hope.

And is the mothers and grandmothers who've danced before us, everyone we've ever known and the children we're yet to meet.

And is a dance poem - a new autobiographical work that explores identity and womanhood.

Content and trigger warnings related to abortion, miscarriage, strong language and nudity.

Age suitability 14+  
Studio Three 

Aug 16-18,23-25 18:00 (45m) £14.00 (£12.00/£10.00)
Aug 19-21,26-28 18:00 (45m) £15.00 (£13.00/£10.00) 


Relaxed performance | Aug 24

Please note the performance on 24 August will be a relaxed performance. Audiences are welcome to make noise and move around and latecomers are welcome throughout. The performer – Charlotte – will introduce herself to audiences as part of the performance. She will also be around after the performance to speak with audiences.

More info on accessible performances here

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