71BODIES 1DANCE | 71BODIES | August 5-7

71BODIES1DANCE | 71Bodies | August 5-7

71BODIES 1DANCE is an interdisciplinary and choreographic initiative by Daniel Mariblanca. The work is inspired by 71 personal experiences and testimonies from transgender individuals living in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. With this production the intention is to give visibility, awaken curiosity and to generate knowledge around the transgender community from a human level – through an artistic work. By exposing diverse ways of being, the performance wishes to insight new references and ways of appreciating beauty and generating desire. The original dance performance is 71 minutes long, embodying one minute for each personal experience that inspired this work. 

Daniel Mariblanca Concept, choreography, performance
Mar C Llop Photography artist
Ursula Kaufmann Filmmaker
Gunnar Innvær Music composition / technician
Miriam Casal Music composition
Florian Doerrhoefer Music composition
Amanda Billberg Artistic assistance / choreographic dramaturgy
Jon Eirik Sira Light designer / tour technician
Thomas Bruvik Light designer / tour technician
Camilla Svingen Financial producer
Davone Sirmans Company & Tour Manager
Produced by 71BODIES

Age suitability 16+ 

Studio One 

Aug 7 18:50 (50m) £16.00 (£14.00/£10.00) 
Aug 5-6 18:50 (50m) £18.00 (£16.00/£10.00)

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council
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