OPIA | 8 - 28 August


OPIA by From Start to Finnish, with Johanna Nuutinen + CO

8 - 28 August | On Demand | 60 minutes | £10 | Dance Base Digital



How does environmental stimuli guide our gaze and spatial orientation? How do we construct images in our visual cortex out of stimuli generated by sensory organs other than the eyes? Why do we build meanings through our gaze where there previously were none? Choreographer Johanna Nuutinen’s new creation OPIA dives eyes first in the middle of these ever-present questions relating to looking, being looked at, and how do we form meaning between things we see.

OPIA explores its topic through movement language spiralling into the world behind the gaze, perspective-questioning visual design and captivating soundscape.

OPIA Website

This performance is on Dance Base Digital, our online platform with ZOO TV

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