Fugue in Two Colors | 8 - 28 August

Fugue in Two Colors

Fugue in Two Colors by From Start to Finnish in association with Carl Knif Company

8 - 28 August | On Demand | 60 minutes | £10 | Dance Base Digital

Discovering the ancient relationship between music and dance, Fugue in Two Colors invites you to explore the expressive power of movement. Using the strict musical form of Dmitri Šostakovitš’s preludes and fugues as a juxtaposed with the rambling movement of six dancers, thefocus is on the dancer as a perceiving and sensing being. Deliberately distorting, breaking and reworking therelationships between the prelude and fugue, the characteristics of the choreography and audio visuality the performance delivers to the audience the creation of a third generation adaptation of the traditional form.

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This performance is on Dance Base Digital, our online platform with ZOO TV.

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