Dancing in the Street: Alice Ripoll | 20-21 August

Dancing in the Street: Alice Ripoll | 20-21 August

Dancing in the Street: Alice Ripoll | 20-21 August 

20 August | 15:00

21 August | 13:00

Edinburgh International Festival at Dance Base presents Dancing in the Street: Alice Ripoll.

Alice Ripoll runs two dance companies, one of which is based in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. For her International Festival commission, she made a film during the pandemic with the dancers of this company within a share house ‘bubble’. The dancers’ movements are shaped by their environment and they in turn shape the environment with their bodies. Extremity of life in the favelas is manifest in the choreographic work and the film is ultimately a celebration of the dancers; their lives, bodies, music and movements. For the live event, Ripoll brings the film to life through engagement with the audience.

Dancing in the Streets is a series of films from the streets of cities around the world. Edinburgh International Festival has commissioned four of the world’s most acclaimed choreographers, Alice Ripoll from Rio de Janeiro, Omar Rajeh from Beirut, Gregory Maqoma from Soweto and Janice Parker from Edinburgh, to create short films with their dancers, responding to the past year and reflecting on their relationship with their home cities.

Join each choreographer as they present their film for the very first time.




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