Transfigured – The Pack (9 – 11 Aug)

Transfigured - The Pack (9 - 11 Aug)

Transfigured – The Pack


9 – 11 Aug


9 – 11 Aug | 16:15 for 15 minutes until 17:45 every 15 minutes | Age: 8+



Transfigured is a sounding together of all things, a diapason, a cacophony of understanding. Performers and audience step across the threshold of knowledge, step out into the world together. In the year 2002 a pack of cards was thrown from a car window and over a hedge. The pack burst open in the air and the cards were scattered across the landscape. Some of the cards landed face up. The hand dealt on that day has moved out and forwards into this moment. They have become manifest. They have something to say. Pick a card, any card …….

Transfigured is an Oceanallover project. As with all of our work this is a collaborative process with input from many different people.


Transfigured takes place between 16.15 and 17.45 in and around the Grassmarket, starting from Dance Base. Parts of the performance may be seen around the Grassmarket, but for the unique experience of being dealt a card and meeting a character, for an exclusive, guided insight into the show – please book a ticket with our box office. You can book more than once, and follow different cards on their journey, gaining an entirely new perspective.

*Involves walking and audience participation*

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Image Credit : Alex Rigg

Transfigured Short Promo from Alex Rigg on Vimeo.



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