The Hospital (20 – 25 Aug)

The Hospital (20 - 25 Aug)

The Hospital

Jo Strømgren Kompani

20 – 25 Aug


20 Aug | 19:20 | 1hr | Age: 16+
£11 (Conc £9)

21 – 25 Aug | 19:20 | 1hr | Age: 16+
£13 (£11)



Forgotten people in forgotten places and the imaginary stories related to such possible misery has been a major topic throughout the Jo Strømgren Kompani repertory. This time the misery is possible more miserable than ever. A provincial clinic in a not so remote country suffers from lack of patients. Actually there are none. But three nurses stay put, hoping for the ultimate patient to arrive and once more give meaning to pain relief and caring comfort.

The Hospital was at its premiere in 2005 the first in the Jo Strømgren Kompani repertory to include only female performers. As with previous productions, one of the aims is to explore dance theatre forms with actors not trained in dance, the continuous exploration of nonsense languages is this time represented by a linguistic alias of Icelandic, a language which resembles the ancient mother tongue of all Scandinavians. The intention of verbal abstraction is the same as with abstract movement – creating a wider range of associative interpretations. Everything is serious, everything is nonsense.

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*Contains nudity & scenes of violence*

The Hospital | Jo Strømgren Kompani from Dance Base on Vimeo.


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