Still Life (13 – 18 Aug)

Still Life (13 - 18 Aug)

Still Life

Agata Maszkiewicz, produced by l’Avant Scene Cognac

13 – 18 Aug


13 Aug | 18:15 | 45 mins | Age: 12+
£11 (Conc £9)

14 – 18 Aug | 18:15 | 45 mins | Age: 12+
£13 (£11)



Still life is a piece that focuses on our relation with objects and things. In a performance-long interview, Agata Maszkiewicz together with Vincent Tirmarche bring into life the stories of Jenny, Marco, Alex and Emmy. As a response to that, a dancer on stage is dealing with the surrounding, the nature of things and death. Avoiding the real presence of any object on stage, she plays with the notions of becoming, adjusting, discovering, appearing, redoing, creating. Her body replays, acts, repeats, gets still, restarts, rests. The dance choreographed together with costumes, the light, the sound and the videos, manages in a mesmerising  and moving way to create a still-life in itself.


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Image credit : Martial Mouroux

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