Self Portraits (2 – 11 Aug)

Self Portraits (2 - 11 Aug)

Self Portraits

Alan Greig Dance

2 – 11 Aug


2 – 4 Aug | 14:45 | 40 mins | Age: 14+
£11 (Conc £9)

6 – 11 Aug | 14:45 | 40 mins | Age: 14+
£13 (Conc £11)



Self Portraits plays with notions of gender, sexuality and the effect that time and age have on our bodies, our perception of who we are and who we have been and who we might become.

A collection of several short dances of intense choreographic intensity, told through humour, theatre, movement and dance. Underpinning the choreography is a collection of self- written monologues that draw from the auto-biographical and from popular culture (referencing Kate Bush, Hitchcock, Tennessee Williams and Quentin Crisp)

The show skilfully weaves athletic moves and thought-provoking text, into a compelling show of innovative and accessible dance.

“as much to do with the breaking of boundaries as the casting of a spell upon its audience” The Stage

*This show will not be performed on Mondays*

Self Portraits | Alan Greig Dance from Dance Base on Vimeo.


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Image credit : Paul Watt


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