Odyseaa / Scene Solo / The Sylph, The Vixen & The Bombshell (2 – 4 Aug)

Odyseaa / Scene Solo / The Sylph, the Vixen and the Bombshell

Odyseaa / Scene Solo / The Sylph, The Vixen & The Bombshell

Claricia Parinussa / Tamsyn Russell / Bridie Gane

2 – 4 Aug


2 Aug | 13:15 | 1hr | Age: 8+
£11 (Conc £9)

3 – 4 Aug | 13:15 | 1hr | Age: 8+
£13 (£11)



Odyseaa – An immersive performance ritual.

and these souls | matter || passing dust bone unrest materialise across between despite time space

floating. Not swirling but softer slower thicker than mist. particle dialogue.

this white field. with specks speckled earth emerging to | from the roots that we were always (t)here

or the knowing that’s felt

Scene Solo – a work devised through investigating how a performer/choreographer can create and  perform an already existing group work without the other 4 performers into a solo. Can Tamsyn still achieve the same scenarios, atmospheres, new worlds alone? Or does she fail. A piece about  making a piece about a piece.

The Sylph, The Vixen and The Bombshell – Three generations of women take well known images of female characters in media and violently clash them together to create new Frankenstein-like archetypes. In contrast to perceived ideas of how women should behave at different ages, this piece explores, evaluates and revels in the collision of these unexpected juxtapositions. Aiming to overcome gender and age-related bias, with women no longer in supporting roles but telling their own stories.



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Image Credit: Sid Scott seeimaginedefine.com


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