Glimpsing Air Pockets (6 – 8 Aug)

Glimpsing Air Pockets

Glimpsing Air Pockets

Christina Liddell

6 – 8 Aug


6 Aug | 13:15 | 1hr | Age: 5+
£11 (Conc £9)

7 – 8 Aug | 13:15 | 1hr | Age: 5+
£13 (Conc £11)



"You can't stop birds flying over your head, but you can definitely prevent them from building a nest in your hair"

The children Christina Liddell works with at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh are remarkable; they are unsung heroes, triumphing daily over adversities life has thrown. Glimpsing Air Pockets is a multi-sensory dance theatre production, which expresses the profound impact these children have had on Christina’s life. 

This creative collaboration with children and young people from the hospital brings to life their very own creative contributions, to be seen and experienced by the immersive audience throughout the set, visual, soundscape and interactive design within the performance. 

Featuring a young performer from the hospital, this show is a beautiful and moving experience - May you catch even a glimpse of the hope, blessing and inspiration they offer to us all.

* Involves Walking, Audience immersion and involves moving from the garden space into the studio. Please note this is an entirely inclusive performance - the set has been specifically designed to be wheelchair accessible*

Choreographed and produced by Christina Liddell

Special music composition (in collaboration with children and young people) by Greg Sinclair

Set design by Ecoscenographer Mona Kastell

Set design assistance by Hannah Myers

Filmography by Tao-Anas Le Thanh

Visual and Audio mapping interaction by DLSV

Photography by Sid Scott



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Image Credit : Sid Scott 

Creative Scotland
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