Born to Manifest and Like Honey (22 – 25 Aug)

Becky & Joseph

Born to Manifest and Like Honey

Joseph Toonga / Just Us Dance Theatre and Becky Namgauds

22 – 25 Aug


22 Aug | 16:00 | 40 mins | Age: 14+
£11 (Conc £9)

23 – 25 Aug | 16:00 | 40 mins | Age: 14+
£13 (Conc : £11)



Double bill. Born to Manifest is a responsive piece of hip hop dance that looks into the experiences of young black British men. A ringing of home truths that hopes to share a glimpse into the complexity and beauty of one’s journey. In Like Honey, beauty and ugliness explosively collide through noise, aggression and blood creating a live symbiosis of sound and movement. Drawing on contemporary dance and krump, challenging the divine feminine and gendered shame of menstruation. Energy pulses through layered vocal rhythms, animating the dance. 

*Stage blood and loud vocals.*



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Image Credit: The Other Richard

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