This Is the Title (3 – 19 Aug)

This Is the Title (3 – 26 Aug)

This Is the Title

Ima Iduozee (in association with From Start to Finnish)

3 – 19 Aug


3 – 5 Aug | 19.30 | 25 mins | Age: 8+ years
£11 (£9 conc)

7 – 19 Aug | 19.30 | 25 mins | Age: 8+ years
£13 (£11 conc)

This Is the Title will not be performed on Mondays.


On a blindingly white dance floor, This Is the Title unfolds with fluid elegance.

The distinctive approach to movement comes from Iduozee’s background in breaking, contemporary dance and physical theatre. The performer emerges into a space that radiates around him in a very delicate way, reviving our thirst for light, calm and freedom. 

Alluring lighting and sound design complete this minimalist world, where the power and grace of the performer captivates our senses and our imagination. This Is the Title has received international acclaim, touring in 14 countries across the globe. 

Please note - Personal assistant tickets are available at no extra charge to D/deaf and disabled people.

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Image: Petra Hellberg

This is the Title | Ima Iduozee (From Start to Finnish) from Dance Base on Vimeo.

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