Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart (3 – 26 Aug)

Taiwan Season: Varhung

Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart

Tjimur Dance Theatre

3 – 26 Aug


3 – 5 Aug | 18.15 | 50 mins | Age: 8+ years
£11 (£9 conc)

7 – 26 Aug | 18.15 | 50 mins | Age: 8+ years
£13 (£11 conc)

Varhung – Heart to Heart will not be performed on Mondays.


Tjimur, Taiwan’s premier indigenous dance-theatre company, returns to Dance Base with an open-hearted, full-bodied performance in which private feelings are always on the verge of being made public.

Both physically and emotionally charged, Tjimur’s dynamic work promises a bounty of intoxicating, artfully expressed sensations. Working closely with the company’s founding artistic director Ljuzem Madiljin, choreographer (and sibling) Baru Madiljin and three fiercely dedicated dancers offer rare insights into ancient Paiwan cultural traditions but brought bang up to date.

They know that every human heart holds profound secrets which can be acknowledged without having to be directly shared. Ultimately Varhung embraces and shapes unique personal and tribal impulses in ways that have distinctly universal appeal.


Please note - Personal assistant tickets are available at no extra charge to D/deaf and disabled people.

See the Facebook event.

Image: Jhao-Lun, Huang

Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart | Tjimur Dance Theatre from Dance Base on Vimeo.

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