Brocade (13 – 17 Aug)



Roberta Jean

13 – 17 Aug


Preview at *Edinburgh City Chambers*:
13 Aug | 21.00 | 60 mins | Age: 8+ years
£11 (£9 conc)

Opening at *Edinburgh City Chambers*:
14 – 17 Aug | 21.00 | 60 mins | Age: 8+ years
£13 (£11 conc)



Part of the Made in Scotland Showcase, presented by Dance Base at Edinburgh City Chambers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Performed by an exceptional ensemble of female dancers and musicians, Brocade is a poetic response to historical and contemporary notions of craft and physical work. Movement and sound are propelled along a catwalk and sonic textures resonate with the presence of the women forging alliances.

Somewhere between a procession and a concert, this meditative performance has the precision, strength and delicacy of an intricate piece of lace.

Please note, all performances takes place at Edinburgh City Chambers.

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Image: Emli Bendixen

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