Taiwan Season: Together Alone (4 – 27 Aug)

Together Alone

Taiwan Season: Together Alone

Zoltán Vakulya, Chen-Wei Lee x ART B&B

4 – 27 Aug

4 – 6 Aug | 21.45 | 45 mins | 18+
£10 (£8 conc)

8 – 27 Aug | 21.45 | 45 mins | 18+
£12 (£10 conc)

Together Alone will not be performed on Mondays or Thursdays

‘Together Alone talks a lot about how to live together. We tasked ourselves to never let go of each other. That creates huge limitations. It’s just the two of us, but what we experience parallels society: how we deal with people, how we use each other, how we collaborate.

Sometimes we help each other, sometimes we are against each other, sometimes we need to negotiate. The relationship is always changing. It has difficulties, it has moments of being smooth, it will change again, but nothing lasts forever.’
– Chen-Wei Lee

'Manifested the essence of nudity as art.'

Part of the Taiwan Season 2017
Note: Contains nudity throughout
Image Credit: Hsin-Che Lee

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