Sea Hames (22 – 26 Aug)

Sea Hames

Oceanallover in association with Feral

Sea Hames

22 – 26 Aug

22 – 24 Aug | Dance Base Secret Garden
13.15 | 60 mins | U | FREE

25 – 26 Aug | Dalkeith Country Park
14.30 | 60 mins | U | FREE
13.45 | Bus to Dalkeith Country Park | £6.50

Booking info:
All performances are free, but for the Dalkeith performances, a bus is available from Dance Base for £6.50. Check with reception staff for exact pick-up point.

Sea Hames
is the latest performance project from leading site-specific, dance theatre company Oceanallover.

Inspired by Orkney’s ‘Festival of the Horse and Boys Ploughing Match’ this multi-disciplinary performance fuses sonic composition, visceral performance and intricate costume. It explores the mythology and iconography of the horse, the plough and the sea and their relationship to the land. It dances a line between two worlds.

In 1984, two Clydesdale horses jumped the gate to their field and charged down to the beach at Billia Croo on Orkney. They stood up on their hind hooves and danced. This project begins with those two horses and is about the sea; about freedom and creativity the persistence of memory, tradition and innovation, attention to detail and wild brush-strokes.

'Exhilarating, like a sudden magical visitation from a fantastical world.'
★★★★★ The Herald

Image Credit: Florencia García Chafuén

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