New Contemporary Arab Dance Performances (18 – 20 Aug)

Arab Art Focus

Arab Arts Focus

New Contemporary Arab Dance Performances

18 – 20 Aug

18 – 20 Aug | 15.00 | 90 mins | PG
£12 (£10 conc)

Curator Nedjma Haj Benchelabi gives a platform to four young choreographers this Fringe, as part of Arab Art Focus, a showcase of new theatre and performance from the Arab region and diaspora.

New Contemporary Arab Dance Performances is a weekend presentation of new contemporary dance pieces which will give an idea on the themes and developments of new modes of expression, by young contemporary artists. The pieces will be dealing with themes of the challenges artists face to perform, using performance to challenge context, and respond to a sense of performative urgency in a transformative time.

'Heroes- Surface of a revolution’
by Khouloud Yassine

La Même
by Farah Saleh & Salma Ataya

Les Un(e)s et Les Autres - The One and the Others
by Hamdi Dridi

Image Credit: Ahmad Odeh






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