Mind-Goblin (16 – 27 Aug)


Lee Kyung-eun / Lee K. Dance


16 – 27 Aug

16 Aug | 17.40 | 30 mins | U
£10 (£8 conc)

17 – 27 Aug | 17.40 | 30 mins | U
£12 (£10 conc)

Mind-Goblin will not be performed on Monday 21 Aug.

Identifying the foolish spirit of this confusing world as a mind goblin, Lee Kyung-eun spins out a shamanistic ritual that repels evil, harmful spirits.

This Korean contemporary dance artist opens a portal to the goblins of her mind and body.

She confronts and eventually befriends the ‘other me’ inside, as in old folk tales, where people met goblins and danced with them all night. She comes to understand herself – her mind and body – as a universe unto itself. Ultimately, she recognises the beauty and diversity coexisting within her, and within all of us.


Image Credit: Sang Hoon Ok

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