Your Majesties (5–14 Aug)

Your Majesties
Image: Daniel Schmidt

Your Majesties

Navaridas & Deutinger

5 - 14 Aug | 20.15
45 mins | U
£12 (£10 conc)


Navaridas & Deutinger drag the most meaningful cultural-ideological gesture of the last years into the stage light, for which they were awarded with the Best OFF Styria Theatre Award. corpus

In this award-winning performance of Your Majesties, Navaridas & Deutinger reenact Barack Obama's Nobel Lecture, held at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo. Performer Deutinger delivers the US President’s legendary speech while, from behind the audience, Navaridas pulls the strings – manipulating and guiding the politician’s movements with invisible strings, as gesturing puppeteer. The President's lecture is revived and a piece of world history remembered while the techniques of political rhetoric are laid bare in a surprisingly clear and enlightening way. This fascinating dance performance is about war, peace and hope.



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