#TheSoloFilter (15 Aug)



Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre

15 Aug | 10.00 - 18.00
14+ (Features sexual content)

At 10.00, 11.15, 12.30, 13.45 and 15.00, individual tickets will be available for people to re-author the work. The studio is open for people to watch at any point between 10.00 and 16.00. The space will be closed 16.00 – 17.00 for the dancer to rehearse.

At 17.00, there will be an end performance which shows all six versions of the work, the original and the five variations made throughout the day. People can also just come and see this to see what happens when work is re-authored five times.

Call 0131 225 5525 or visit the Dance Base reception to book.

Ever left a performance thinking, ‘I would have done that differently?’

This is your chance to put your criticism into action. #TheSoloFilter offers you a five-minute piece of choreography and invites you to remake it into the piece you wish you had seen over sixty minutes. You can change the movement, soundtrack, costume and structure but cannot ask the dancer to make any decisions, this work is yours. The process will be repeated five times throughout the day in a space open to the public, creating a real insight into the diversity of choreographic process.

All versions of the work will be shared at 17.00. Please join us!

This is followed by an informal conversation about ownership and authorship in performance.

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Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council
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