Taiwan Season: NuShu (5–28 Aug)



Taiwan Season: NuShu

Water Reflection Dance Ensemble

5 - 28 Aug | 15.00
40 mins | U
5 - 7 Aug | £10 (£8 conc)
9 - 28 Aug | £12 (£10 conc)


‘NuShu’ is a coded script invented by women in Hunan, China, to record their personal and secret reflections. Passed down the generations, in a dialect men couldn’t understand, the language captures both happy and sorrowful experiences of the Hunan women. The poetry of this nearly lost language conveys a vivid sense of their lives. It inspired Taiwanese choreographer Tan Hui-Chen to study its origin, form and style in the remote mountain area in China where it originated. She then used her research to transform text into the silky movement, lively contours and strong gestures of her dancers’ bodies. The result is Water Reflection Dance Ensemble’s NuShu – a finely nuanced and sensual celebration of the beauty, energy and wisdom of women.  



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