M.I.S.- All Night Long (17–28 Aug)

M.I.S.- All Night Long
Images: Christoffer Brekne

M.I.S. - All Night Long


17 - 21 Aug | 13.00
23 - 28 Aug | 21.00
60 mins | 14+
17 Aug | £10 (£8 conc)
23 - 28 Aug | £12 (£10 conc)


DON GNU are back in hand-knit socks and worn-out sandals on the hunt for that dang thing called ‘self’. Here you meet the dazed and confused – the grown dude who was raised in the 1970s as a bouncing ball, with role models ranging from Dirty Harry to Sesame Street.

M.I.S. – All Night Long takes measure of modern man. What’s up really underneath those woollen socks and comfy sandals?

In a hard-boiled mix of jackass stunts, slapstick comedy and raw physicality three men get off the fence. Out of their comfort zone in coming to grips with their inner beasts, the Latino lover, the pushover, the best buddy – and others – enter a quiet battle for a man’s right to be himself.





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