Lïnger (5–21 Aug)

Image: Declan English


Ériu featuring Breandán de Gallaí and Nick O'Connell

5 - 21 Aug | 19.45
45 mins |PG
£12 (£10 conc)


Choreographed by ex-Riverdance principal Breandán de Gallaí, Lïnger is a contemporary Irish dance work involving two male dancers at opposite ends of their dancing careers. Performed by de Gallaí and Nick O’Connell this immersive theatrical experience is a powerfully tender and muscular exploration of Irish gay masculinity, and unfolds through a rich tapestry of photography, film, music, and movement.

Throughout this biographical work are moments of liminality – 'being neither here nor there' (Heaney 1996): that deliberate restraint; permanently on the cusp; as we indulgently linger in its vastness. Lïnger is a test of endurance as desire soars but climax is avoided.

Ériu’s work is a 21st century reimagining of Irish dance, exploring the poetic potential of the genre and examining topics rarely dealt with through traditional dance.




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