FLESH (24–28 Aug)



Ugne & Poliana

24 - 28 Aug | 16.00
40 mins | 16+ (features nudity)
24 Aug | £10 (£8 conc)
25 - 28 Aug | £12 (£10 conc)

FLESH is an evocative and enthralling contemporary dance work taking place at Dancebase as part of this year's Edinburgh Fringe from August 24 to 28.

A dramatic display of the human body, FLESH sees two female dancers playing out a game of trust where the naked body adds a fresh and raw context to themes of identity and confusion, dominance and submission.

Performed by Poliana Lima (Brazil) and Ugne Dievaityte (Lithuania), both multi-award winning choreographers and dancers who met and live in Madrid, FLESH amplifies our preconceptions about our most basic state of being.

Originally created in 2014 yet adapted multiple times to this final version, the show was built upon both dancers' common process of relocation. Having both arrived in Madrid from Brazil and Lithuania, they did so looking for a place to find similarities instead of differences. Research into how a body can exist without a head and the implications that has on identity launched this powerful dissemination of the torso onto stage where light and sound is integral to the intensity of the choreography.

Poliana & Ugne are choreographers and dancers living and working in Madrid. Together they created Es Como Ver Nubes in 2012 and FLESH in 2014. Understanding the complexity of dance, they strive to find the poetics of abstract and minimalist movement by giving prominence to the physicality and presence of the body as an end in itself. FLESH won 1st Prize at Vila-Real en Dansa Festival in 2014 and Poliana's previously directed piece Atavico was an award winner in several competitions such as Act Festival 2016, Sabadell Contest 2015 and Madrid Choreographic Contest 2014.


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