A:Version & PITCH (17–21 Aug)

AVersion & Pitch
Images: Ian Watson / Lucas Kao

A:Version & PITCH

Indepen-dance 4 / Skye Reynolds

17 - 21 Aug | 18.45
60 mins | 12+
17 Aug | £10 (£8 conc)
18 - 21 Aug | £12 (£10 conc)


A:Version is a humorous celebration of the art of making mistakes. When does rehearsal end and performance begin? The quirks and idiosyncrasies of the studio are playfully explored. But as they dancers strive to complete the piece, they ask themselves: 'Does practice really make perfect?'

PITCH is a realisation: 'How are we living our lives?' One woman stands on a box and attempts to change the world. The act of selling an idea. The act of selling herself. Trying, winning, failing - planting seeds of change. 

However, ridiculous something serious has to happen. Now! 

An act of courage. An act of hope. 

Fresh. Honest. Funny.

PITCH is made in collaboration with Jo Fong.

indepen-dance.org.uk | skyereynolds.com | jofong.com


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