SKAL & Silent Space (5–14 Aug)

Lin Dylin / Dance Ihayami

Poggle [6m - 4yrs] (5–21 Aug)

Barrowland Ballet & Macrobert Arts Centre

The Rooster & Partial Memory (5–14 Aug)

El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe / SHAMS Association / Marhabtain Organization

Taiwan Season: NuShu (5–28 Aug)

Water Reflection Dance Ensemble

I Am Rhythm (5–21 Aug)

After Freedom Productions

THE END (5–21 Aug)

Jack Webb

Taiwan Season: Lost in Grey (5–28 Aug)

Resident Island Dance Theatre

Bird (5–28 Aug)

Sita Pieraccini in association with Feral

May-We-Go-Round? (5–14 Aug)

The Hiccup Project

Lïnger (5–21 Aug)

Ériu featuring Breandán de Gallaí and Nick O'Connell

Your Majesties (5–14 Aug)

Navaridas & Deutinger

RED (5–21 Aug)

Carl Knif Company

Lost in Complete (16–21 Aug)

Complete Dance Crew

M.I.S.- All Night Long (17–28 Aug)


Dancer (17–28 Aug)

Ian Johnston / Gary Gardiner / Adrian Howells

A:Version & PITCH (17–21 Aug)

Indepen-dance 4 / Skye Reynolds

Your Own Man / Mad Notions (23–28 Aug)

Luke Murphy - Attic Projects

Unknown & Liminal (23–28 Aug)

Eve Mutso / Liadain Herriott

FLESH (24–28 Aug)

Poliana & Ugne

Hari Ho Gati Meri (25–28 Aug)

Gauri Diwakar

Heads Up (25–26 Aug)

Various Artists

Green Tea and Zen Baka (5–28 Aug)

David WW Johnstone

#TheSoloFilter (15 Aug)

Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre

POP-UP Duets (fragments of love) (4–28 Aug)

Janis Claxton Dance

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