Pact with Pointlessness

Pact with Pointlessness
Image: Hugo Glendinning

Pact with Pointlessness

Wendy Houstoun

26 – 30 Aug
14.00 | 55 mins | 14+
£10 (£8 conc)

This is a show that asks the big questions. A barrage of old time patter and online chatter fuel the slow, slow, quick, quick, slow cycles of coming and going, in an absurd piece triggered by life, death and what to do about it all. It's an escapology act of strange logic, a philosophical piece of stupidity driven by an urgent sense of futility.

Seasoned Wendy Houstoun is in defiant form. Treading the boards once more in (nearly) an hour of absurd action, breakneck looping chatter and more than a few laughs. Stand-up meets vaudeville eccentricity in this performance of organised chaos.

The performance poses what Houstoun calls the big questions, such as: why are we here? She offers provisional, person-sized and perhaps even pointless responses in a piece that is a bit weird, a bit witty and a bit wise. Guardian, 2014

…a kind of punk-Beckett. Total Theatre, 2014



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